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No color allowed: 30 great black and white websites

Article by Awwwards Team in Web Design - September 06

A few weeks ago we talked about colorful websites. This time we are leaving the color outside to center on monochromatic webdesigns in black and white. The combination of black and white offers the maximum contrast possible because they come from opposite ends of the colour spectrum. Black and white websites are classical, strong and powerful, but most of all this colour combination is the epitome of elegance. Black and white is a timeless combination, it always works and never goes out of fashion. Although black and white is a risk-free combination to choose that ensures a design will look clean, cutting out the color forces designer to rely on other elements in their webdesigns such as typography, layout or grid to catch viewers' attention. We are the first ones that love to see and play with colours in webdesign, but we cannot surpass the attractive of a well-designed black and white website. In this post we showcase 30 of the best black and white webdesings we found around the Internet. Check them out!