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Jan 10, 2024

New focus. New brand. New website.

New focus. New brand. New website.

A website serves as a digital presence, reflecting the identity and narrative of its owner. For a design agency, it acts as a face, demonstrating our capabilities. A well-crafted website not only attracts the right clients but also brings in projects that align with our interests. Bearing this in mind, we initiated our website redesign by focusing on its core essence.

Showcasing our work using 3d animations and interactions.

“Design for me is about solving problems and achieving goals across various projects and industries. It’s been a challenge to narrow our focus because our skills are versatile and applicable to many design solutions. However, we realized our forte lies in what we truly excel at. This led to a significant rebranding, focusing on interactive digital experiences and immersive websites, helping brands stand out in a dynamic digital landscape.” - Olha Uzhykova, Design Director, Noomo Agency. "

Brand identity and inspiration for the new Noomo brand

Noomo's name, inspired by a Ukrainian phrase meaning “Let’s do it!”, reflects the agency's Ukrainian heritage and embodies its spirit of adventure and enthusiasm for new challenges.

Central to Noomo’s brand identity are the themes of pixels and glass. The pixel element symbolizes both our digital proficiency and a tribute to Ukrainian culture, akin to the intricate patterns of the traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka. The glass represents transparency and uniqueness, mirroring Noomo's commitment to clear communication and bespoke client experiences.

Noomo agency hero section.

At Noomo, attention to detail is paramount. This is exemplified by our dynamic logo, which incorporates handwritten elements from each team member, adding a personal touch.

Dynemic logo
Dynemic logo.

Crafting a new website: Narrating our story

Our website redesign aimed to balance an immersive, interactive digital experience with user-friendly navigation and performance. We experimented with various visual and layout concepts, ensuring they aligned with our core message and values.

A unique feature of our website is the upward scroll from the banner to the projects, a concept that initially raised concerns about user receptivity. However, user testing revealed that this unconventional approach enhanced engagement and memorability.

Scroll and website interactions.

Reflecting our core values

When creating our website, it was important for us to not only showcase our expertise but also to tell our story and reflect our core values through the design.

  1. People: Recognizing the importance of human connections, we included handwritten logos and pixel emojis on our website, each representing a Noomo team member.
    Our Story page, highlighting our team and core values.
  2. Innovation: Challenging ourselves, we focused on integrating glass as a key website element. The complexity of replicating glass in 3D required creative solutions to achieve realistic reflections.
    Review cards designed with transparent glass.
  3. Technology: We always use the latest technology to achieve the best result and performance. Another challenge presented - how to make a website with lots of 3D objects load and work very fast. Performance is always one of our top priorities and we always pay a huge amount of attention to it. First of all, we used Nuxt 3 for both front-end and back-end development, leveraging Node.js functionalities. Key libraries like Three.js and GSAP added to the site's interactivity and visual appeal.
    Each interaction and hover has its own idea and purpose.

Overcoming challenges

In our design, we intricately placed objects outside the camera's view solely to enhance the glass reflections. These elements, invisible to the camera and users, played a crucial role in augmenting the reflective quality of the scene. Our background was subtly crafted with light spots and gradients to enrich the glass's color reflections, a process that involved a lot of experimentation and fine-tuning.

But then, as our website was nearly ready to launch, we encountered another problem: a memory leak. Initially, we suspected the scroll-triggered animations and extensive 3D content. Upon investigation, we discovered the issue was due to a specific glass material's textures, which weren't been cleared from the video card's memory. Additionally, the GSAP animation library was created separate objects for each animation, affecting performance. Implementing GSAP's grouping tool resolved this, significantly improving memory management and website performance, especially on less powerful devices.

Our redesigned website at Noomo is much more than a mere website; it's a vivid narrative of our journey, blending our story with technical innovation and creative vision. It stands as a testament to our ability to overcome challenges and our unwavering commitment to delivering unique, interactive digital experiences.

Company Info

Noomo is a boutique and award-winning digital design agency specializing in creating interactive digital experiences, websites, applications, and immersive experiences.