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Jul 24, 2014

Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014: A Free Ebook from UXPin

Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014: A Free Ebook from UXPin

One of the many free ebooks by UXPin, this guide will help you balance design with functionality as devices get smarter and consumers become more demanding.

Luckily, design teams from many forward­thinking companies have already slaved over solving the same design problems you may currently struggle with. 

100+ pages of usable wireframes, design analysis, and screenshots of UI success from Uber, Tinder, Pinterest, Yelp, Spotify and more will help inspire your own designs. 

The 7 chapters of Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014: A Deeper Look at the Hottest Apps Today covers topics such as gestures & animations, data & content management, designing for mobile inputs, designing for social & shareability, navigation best practices, and more.

Creating a must­have mobile app requires practicality, elegant coding, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of touch. 

Included are 46 problem/solution guides to real­world questions such as: 

  • What design patterns do today’s most successful companies use in their mobile UI?
  • How do we provide access to relevant secondary details without cluttering the UI?
  • How do we allow users to try things out without giving away too much of the app?
  • What specific UI patterns make for the cleanest and most intuitive mobile UI?

So go ahead, get inspired, and learn from some of the top companies designing mobile experiences today.

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