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Luxe - Premium Shopify Theme for Designers

450 $
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Luxe is a unique Shopify 2.0 theme designed for luxury and high-end brands.

With no coding required, you can build a world-class online store with a slick look & feel straight out of the box. Luxe works with Shopify 2.0's drag and drop editor allowing sections to be inserted and edited to craft your perfect online store experience.

Luxe features over 20 pre-built sections including an auto-playing video banner, image banner, and various lookbooks. Each section includes a range of options for aspects like layout, alignment and colour scheme. You can also add creative touches such as blur effects and animation.

Luxe is available exclusively from the official Shopify Theme Store.

What's included?

  • A complete, premium Shopify 2.0 theme including all key pages, templates and sections
  • Options to choose from a wide range of fonts from Google Fonts and Monotype
  • World class UX and UI design
  • Lifetime free support