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App & Tool

Relume Site Builder Import

Relume's AI Site Builder enables you to generate sitemaps and wireframes for marketing websites in minutes. You can then easily import these into Webflow using the Site Builder Import app.

Generate wireframes in Site Builder

Use AI to generate site maps and wireframes in Relume's Site Builder. Once you're wireframes are generated, you're ready to import to Webflow.

Import your site from Site Builder

Browse all your Site Builder projects in the app and choose which sitemap, page or section you would like to import. Watch the magic happen as the app sets up your Webflow project and imports all pages, sections and content from your Site Builder project to Webflow.

Sync styles with those in your project

Already updated classes and styles in your Webflow project, but need to import another page? We’ve got you covered! The app will sync classes so the imported content will match the styles already in your project.

Automatically create Webflow components

Global sections in Site Builder are imported as Webflow components. This allows you to manage recurring layouts and content more efficiently.