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Bento Cards

by ui8
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Introducing the Bento Design System: Cards, ideal for website landing pages and app design. This set includes 30 exclusive and beautiful illustrations designed to help you quickly drag and drop cards to build your website's landing page sections in minutes. Unleash limitless creativity with resizable Bento Cards.

You can easily swap out illustrations within each card, switch the card layout from horizontal to vertical view with a single click, and move text positions effortlessly. Additionally, the system includes an on-off button for added convenience. All features are under your control, enhanced further by 12 pre-made grids to save you time.

Each illustration is carefully handcrafted to depict various types of products including Manage Components, Detailed Analytics, Workflow Engine, Adaptive Settings, Free Fly Shipping, Interaction Counter, Enhanced Listings, Download Manager, Component Designer, Collaboration Hub, AI File Converter, Expense Tracker Pro, One-Click File Sharing, Track Performance, Drag&Drop Builder, Networking Tools, Friend Finder Network, Unified Tools, Dynamic Project Showcase, Seamless Integration, Profile Wizard, Multi-location Manager, Comparative Tools, Sales Trend Tracker, 4K Video Streaming, Performance Engine, Component Finder, Invoice Management, App Spotlight Booster, and Advanced Kanban Boards.

✨ Purchase this version now and receive the coded version for free once released: React + HTML + Tailwind components (Coming in July).