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Vidix - Automate Your Productivity with AI

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Introducing Vidix for macOS - Unleash Your Productivity!

Vidix is a revolutionary tool that boosts your productivity by enabling you to automate tasks using AI-driven AI agents and shortcodes. Transforms your macOS experience across any application! yes you read right, ANY APP

Vidix is not just another app to interact with LLM inside a wrapper; it processes texts directly wherever you are, throughout macOS, boosting productivity by 10 times. You are in slack ? figma? notion? just see how Vidix write inside this apps in real time for you

Key Features:

Customizable Ai agents: Create agents tailored to your needs, assign shortcodes, and execute tasks like data conversion, writing, SEO ,translations... with a single keystroke! See how you macOs works alone!

Modes for Everyone: Choose from Basic for everyday tasks or Advanced for power users with options for external AI integrations and specialized models, we support for now 6 providers, Anthropic, OpenAI, Together, Groq, Ollama and sure Vidix!

Real-Time Text Manipulation: Effortlessly preserve, replace, or creatively display text in new ways.

Spotlight Feature: Instantly execute commands on-the-fly, no pre-registration needed! this is awesome to run prompts without register as shortcode.

Whether you're looking to enhance efficiency or adapt to diverse professional and creative environments, Vidix is your go-to solution!