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Float - Premium Webflow Portfolio Template

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Elevate your presence with Float Portfolio: Where elegance meets functionality.

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Dive into Float Portfolio, a masterpiece designed to make your work shine. With its modern, elegant, and unique design, this template is your key to standing out in a crowded digital world.

Projects Collection: Captivate your audience by showcasing your work in a visually stunning manner.

Blog Posts: Share your expertise, offer valuable insights, and grow your brand with engaging content.

Infinite Listing Images Carousel: Present your listings in their best light with an eye-catching infinite carousel.

Reusable Sections: Easily expand your content with versatile, reusable sections.

Clean Animations: Add a layer of excitement to your site with animations that enhance without overwhelming.

Variables: Effortlessly update your site’s aesthetics with Webflow’s innovative Variables feature.

Included Pages

Your digital portfolio expands with 19 meticulously designed pages, including a captivating Home/Landing page, an insightful About page, a comprehensive Work (Projects CMS) section, and various templates for projects, blogs, and more. Plus, essential Utility and Legal Pages, along with an Admin suite for seamless management.

Transform your online presence today with Float Portfolio and let your work do the talking.

Edit styles on one page for your convenience

You can update styles using the Style Guide admin page. Changes you make here using Tag or Class selectors will show up through the whole site. Classes are clear and simple to learn with explanations on things that need it - making your life as easy as possible!

Make Component changes in one place

The Components admin page is provided for you to make global changes all in one place. Learn more about customising components here.

Royalty Free Images & Icons

Use the images and icons on the template to your heart's content - they're all source from Royalty Free asset providers like Unsplash or Flaticon. You can learn more about licensing on the Licenses page of the template.