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Stone - Portfolio UI KIT Template

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Stone is a contemporary editorial portfolio web-design template.

Stone is a perfect match for any designer or design agency in any kind of field. Such as interior designers, 3D designers, architecture agencies, or photographers.

The design concept is to bring spaces that could allow your project to breathe in a good and unique style layout. Stone is using earth-tone colors to bring timeless emotion while the user is taking a look at your portfolio.

Currently Stone is available on Sketch, Figma and Adobe Photoshop

This KIT Includes:

7 pages of template design

  • Home
  • About
  • Project
  • Project Details
  • Contact
  • Loading
  • Menu Navigation

5 pages of design system

I'm available to talk to and support you if you have any questions :)


  • When you buy this template, a Photograph is not included.
  • Photography was used to show look and feel, all of them belong to their respective owner.
  • Photography: