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ID FRAME 2.0 — Keeping Your ID Simple & Minimal

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ID FRAME is neither a new idea nor a fancy design.

But we thought reasonable and useful design to contain essentials honestly.

[Extensible Reel] The built-in retractable reel allows card tagging from 17 inches away. It lengthens smoothly without putting a strain on the neck lanyard and rewinds quickly.

[Adjustable Lanyard] The lanyard is made of silicone preventing kinks, which feels soft on the skin. The length of the card holder can be easily adjustable using the clips, and it can be fully released to prevent strangulation in the event of an emergency.

[Simply Slide to Insert] ID FRAME can hold up to two cards measuring 3.37 x 2.21 inches, the same size as a credit card. The user can mount a card on the top of the holder and gently slide it into the deck.

[Strong, Premium Materials] ID FRAME is made of durable ABS plastic that is known for high resistance to heat and impact. The matte silicone-like surface with SF spray coating provides a soft touch.

[Plus Your Style] The minimal design of ID FRAME is formal and sleek to suit any attire. There are 4 color options - Black, White, Gray, Violet