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Learn from Leading Experts in the Game and Animation Industry: 10% Discount for Awwwards Users

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The current rise of Metaverses, NFTs, Augmented Reality and the unstoppable growth of the video game industry clearly indicates that skills such as 3D animation, game development and visual effects will be fundamental for the future of digital creatives.

Although many of our users have some experience with 3D animations for interactive and immersive experiences in WebGL,  when we tackle concepts like asset creation, motion graphics, and 3d visualization, we realise that the 3D world is extremely vast and to fully master it, requires a little extra help.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce that awwwards is collaborating with the CG Master Academy, one of the top academies in the world for expert training in Game design, Animation and VFX, with CGMA’s instructors being recognized professionals from the film and game industries.

Alien film 3D adaptation

Coming up, how to get your 10% discount on the following selection of courses:

3D for 2D Artists

Learn how to take advantage of different techniques to translate 2D skills into full 3D scenes. Students will render multiple scenes while learning to incorporate 3D techniques into their concept art workflows.

Use the code: utwwxdv93x to get a 10% discount on 3D for 2D Artists - CG Master Academy.

Substance Basics

Absolute beginners will learn Texturing, an important part of any 3d artist's skillset. This course focuses on Substance, one of the most used programs in this area, and you’ll learn how to create materials from scratch or scan data, texture assets and build libraries of data to power your different 3d projects.

CGM Course

Use the code: e95a937tfs to get a 10% discount on Substance Basics - CG Master Academy.

Intro to Unreal 5

In 6-weeks go from zero experience to power user of Unreal Engine, and gain a solid understanding of the fundamental basics of working in the Unreal Editor.

CGM Course

Use the code: g8273jiprt to get a 10% discount on Intro to Unreal 5 - CG Master Academy.

Creating Stylized Game Assets

Create finished props and environment assets with hand-painted textures for a stylized game. From concept to finished assets, in this 10-week course students will learn how to make stylized, hand-painted 3D art for video games, covering the whole process from concept, model, texture, to completed assets.

Use the code: 0oipi2854b to get a 10% discount on Creating Stylized Game Assets - CG Master Academy.

Abstract FX in Houdini

Learn how to use Houdini as a design tool, focusing on abstraction and non-traditional FX. Looking at lots of inspirational forms from nature and architecture and learn how to create procedural networks that capture their essence.

CGM Course
CGM Course

Use the code: 6dugsib337 to get a 10% discount on Abstract FX in Houdini - CG Master Academy

Stylized Character Arts for Games

Learn how to create 3D characters with hand-painted textures with Weston Reid, a Lead Character artist at Moonshot Games. In this 8-week course you’ll cover the principles and workflows to model and texture a bust using Zbrush, Substance Painter, 3DCoat, Photoshop, and Marmoset Toolbag. You¡’ll also learn dynamic subdivision, Zmodeler, Substance Painter greyscale generation, 3DCoat and photoshop painting, and rendering/ presentation in Toolbag.

Use the code: z9qdydssc1 to get a 10% discount on Stylized Character Arts for Games - CG Master Academy

Browse all the course available on CGMA here, and don't miss out these discount codes will expire on April 25th 2022.