WebGL Developer Calling

Adoratorio seeks a WebGL Developer.

We are cool kids with a natural instinct for beauty edgy-ness.

As an award-winning studio, we’re always striving for greatness in our projects and looking for peculiar personalities to join our team.
 We’re looking for a WebGL Developer that shares our lack of bonds of creativity and imagination.


- A Javascript (ES6) addict;

- Experience with WebGL and shader programming;

- Knowledge of 3D and 2D frameworks like Three.js and Pixi.js;

- Someone with base GIT and Versioning experience;

- Automating building tools knowledge (Webpack, Gulp);

What would amaze us:

- Knowledge of a 3D modeling software such as Cinema 4D, Blender, or Autodesk Maya;

- Use of javascript frameworks, like React or Vue;

- Use of semantic HTML5 and CSS (SASS).

Success will result in:

- The chance to live and work in the land of Pizza (there will be lots of it), La Bella Vita and Negroni;

- We’re looking for both full-time partners in crime and Interns in our small but thriving reality;

- The possibility to work on diametrically different projects in an ever-changing market scenery.

How to apply

All sparkling minds wanted!
 Tell us something about your and send us your Portfolio at:

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