UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer


Digital Designer with great aesthetic skills? Love fashion, design, and pixel-perfect? Dream of shaping the future of stores, showrooms, and other retail experiences? Want to join a company working with global brands and retailers, using the latest technology?  

Touchtech is looking for a UI/UX Designer to join their creative team. Touchtech is a software platform for brands and retailers to drive more sustainable sales. We are defining, designing, and developing future customer journeys in B2B sales, showrooms, and stores around the world.  

The company, listed on the Swedish Stock Market, is based in Gothenburg in Sweden, but the team of 25+ talents, is distributed and is working together from all over the world.  

At Touchtech you will work across a wide range of products and services to make them highly intuitive and well-designed from an end-user perspective. You will produce everything from rough sketches to illustrate ideas, to pixel-perfect prototypes to try them out, and of course, you’ll also design components and complete interfaces for the finished products – all in a highly iterative and creative environment.

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