Senior UX / UI Designer

Senior UX / UI Designer


Sample Work Plan:

Week 1:

  • You and I can start an initial exercise to understand Sporty Ventures audience, creative inspiration, branding principles, and business goals.

Week 2-3:

  • You will present 2-3 initial design directions that I can choose from that reflect our strategic outline in week 1.

Week 4-6:

  • UI designs for select screens across onboarding, overall health stats, my challenges, join a group, start activity, and user profile.
  • You would cover various flows, but not all of them. It feels more efficient to design the templates and then my design team could scale that across all of the different UX states.
  • For example, once you present the design language and core mockups for the dashboard, I will be able to scale that to different states of the dashboard.

Once I have the design for form fields and button states, I will be able to scale that to the profile screens.

Regarding fees, our timeline / budget for this work is 5-6 weeks and $10,000 - $12,000.


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