Senior React Developer

Senior React Developer

Phantom is looking for a Senior React Developer with excellent best-practices knowledge to join our team in London.

At Phantom, we’ve been particularly successful in developing and launching a number of high-impact campaigns including Pinballer for Zendesk and 10 Weeks of Magic for Google.

You’d be embedded in our creative technology department to help define React best practices that are used to create highly innovative experiences and rolling them out to the wider team. It’s your job to ensure code quality and architecture is stable and well tested across varied projects.

We develop in partnership with the creative teams rather than waterfall. It will be your job to be diligently validating ideas and concepts during the entire lifecycle of a project and also feed new technology into the creative process.

You will also be able to take ownership, jump in and be hands-on on any project where you see your time is most valuable.

Our projects are generally highly custom and innovative and thus you will need to be comfortable integrating React with experimental technologies such as WebGL, XR, Custom Audio, Machine Learning.

Above all, we value creativity and the ability to find unique solutions to everyday problems. Find out more about us by visiting our website!


Phantom is a digitally-led creative agency with studios in both London and Auckland. We’ve had significant success and growth, working hand in hand with incredible clients including Google, Zendesk, Nandos, NBC Universal, Sony Music and The Financial Times. Since starting in 2013 we have grown to over 100 Phantoms in two locations. 

We love being an independent agency with a fresh perspective, excited everyday about what we do. Phantom is above all else a creative agency, but definitely not in the sense that we only care about making pretty things. Every single member of our team is an innovator, both creative and technical to the core. Together we truly have an incredible collection of experience, collaborating with people and brands that have inspired us to do amazing work. 

We’re highly selective about who we work with. It’s far more important for us to put our full energy into the brands we love working with, rather than attempting to spread ourselves thin. This has been a highly successful approach for us, allowing us to scale at a comfortable pace whilst building a portfolio of incredible projects. 

Phantom is committed to creating an inclusive employee experience for all and we firmly believe that our work is at its best when everyone feels free to be their most authentic self.


+ An instant messenger game for Rick Ross and Sony Music (

+ The award-winning Market Finder (

+ A name generator for Judas Priest (

+ A Cardboard VR Experience for Google (


+ Expert knowledge of React and associated libraries and frameworks (e.g. Redux, Apollo, Next.JS).

+ Ability to roll out best practices across a department.

+ Strong coding roots and the ability to provide deep Javascript and Typescript knowledge.

+ A stunning portfolio of past creative work.

+ Expert knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and modern CSS-in-JS solutions like Styled Components.

+ Highly proficient working with Git and Pull Requests etc.

+ Modern CI/CD techniques. (GitHub Actions)

+ Expert with JavaScript Tooling (Linting, Test Harness, Babel, Webpack)

+ Giving/receiving code reviews.

+ Ability to give detailed oversight and domain knowledge on many concurrent projects.

+ Excellent communication with clients and partners as well as technical and creative team members.

+ Ability to stay calm and prioritise in times of tight deadlines and conflicting demands.

+ Excellent documentation skills including creating meaningful technical design documents.

+ Self-motivated with good time management.



+ Minimum of 6 years of development experience and genuine passion for technology.

+ Excellent knowledge of relevant programming languages and methodologies. 

+ Excellent written and spoken English.


+ A showstopper website/portfolio.

+ Contributions to open-source projects.

+ 3D Experience (WebGL, Three.JS, Blender)

+ Experience with using Adobe Creative Suite/Sketch

+ It never hurts to speak another language. 

+ Experience working with Google Cloud Platform. 

+ Experience with Google Docs.

+ Designing/writing automated tests.


Does this role sound like it was made for you, but you don't quite check every box? Please reach out anyway, we'd love to hear from you! We're an equal opportunity employer and believe our environment, ideas and work can only be it’s best if our team is representative of all the incredible diversity of thought that exists in the world around us. 

Every single person at Phantom should feel at home at PHQ, feeling your voice is heard and part of the creative and business processes, no matter your level or department.

All Phantoms are welcomed to our team without regard to ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Go ahead and apply:

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