Seeking an award winning website designer

Seeking an award winning website designer


We're seeking an award winning web designer.

Our website uses React and JavaScript.

We need someone who has experience with creating a smooth checkout. If you have any case studies or clients who you helped improved their checkout or shopping cart abandon rate, please mention it.

Have you created websites with checkout? Our checkout and registration process is in beta. It needs to be simplified. Also, some directions on how to use the domain are needed as the customer checks out and sets up their domain. The site is live now on See the video to see how are site looks now.

Goal 1: Simply registration
Goal 2: Simply checkout
Goal 3: add directions or prompts to follow for checkout and setting up domain
Goal 4: directions for setting up browser extension
Goal 5: add some GIFs onto the site of our mascot dog.

****Optional Goals (For advanced programmers with Solidity or DNS experience)*****

Goal 6: (Optional) You will need to deploy the updated site to the server. We use ubuntu with no cPanel, so you need to have experience with deploying a website with command line.

Goal 7: Update to real PayPal, not the existing developer sandbox we currently use.

Goal 8: Allow customer to checkout with most Crypto.

Goal 9: Switch from test net to Ethereum network. Check for bugs and make sure DNS and extension resolves for customer's purchased domain.

********Extra Credit Goals Below:   *********
Not required to get the job. This is a more challenging aspect.

Goal 10: Allow the domain and one image to be part of Ethereum contract. Currently, the contract only works for a domain.

Goal 11: Allow customers to purchase a ERC 721 token, Domain, and Image as one in the contract. Value of token and supply will be shown on the site.

You can view the video of the current process. Please provide website links of store you have made, so we can admire your skills. I use Skype, Discord, Telegram, and Zoom for communication.

About us: we are based in California. Our mission is to give all proceeds to Animal Cruelty Awareness Prevention.

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