Giga Design Studio is searching for a full-time Front-end Dev

Giga Design Studio is searching for a full-time Front-end Dev


We're Giga: here you can check what we love and our look

We're searching for a developer who knows very well JS and JS frameworks (Vue JS would be great), CSS (especially variables and preprocessors) and HTML.

We need a person who pays attention to the details of our design (especially typography and spacing), to the smoothness of transitions and animations but also to the performance of our websites.

You'll join a team composed of frontend and backend developers that works closely with our design team.

You'll work on projects with other developers so you'll need to know GIT.

As you'll work especially on Single Page Applications with data coming from APIs, you'll need to think "async", to ask for the data correctly to endpoints and structure / storing the answers elegantly within your application.

You should not worry about what is happening on the backside of the web, but a general knowledge of how a CMS works (especially WordPress), the ability to manage a MySql database and write some PHP code would be super appreciated.

Also, if you're interested in 3D projects you shall have the opportunity to work with our 3D team for some web (or not web) projects.

We'll start to work together in September and you'll work full-time with us.

At the beginning of your experience, we'll ask you to work in our studio in Milan, then when we'll know each other better of course you'll be able to work from home if there's no need to meet other people from the team.

People in the studio are super nice and we'll be glad to meet you.

For any questions or to send us your references please write to

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