Front-End Developer

Studio Airport is a young and growing team of designers and developers. We strive for exceptional results in the fields of graphic/motion/digital/UX design. Since 2011 we started to work with national and international clients variating from Greenpeace to the Amsterdam Arts Council on award winning projects.

Currently Studio Airport is also the creative partner of Emergence Magazine. Each quarter we publish new custom multi-media stories in the fields of spiritual ecology. Ranging from VR-Films, digital art experiences and interactive cookbooks.

As a Front-End Developer your main responsibility is the development of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for our projects. You feel, taste and breath code and know how important a good and pixel-perfect design is for the user experience. You have an exceptional skillset in both the social and professional field. Working in a team is comfortable for you whilst always staying assertive in finding your own solutions.

You love to dive into new worlds and strive for the highest results possible. You’re eager to receive feedback and process it in a clear and analytic way.

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