Designer (interactive)

Designer (interactive)


We’re looking for a very good Designer* to join our team.

We believe that the best interactive experiences are exciting as well easy to use. That means were looking for a candidate who is as much in love with graphic design as they are with usability; as excited about brands as they are about interfaces; someone who doesn't subscribe to distinctions between disciplines, tools, or outcomes; someone who thinks that the internet is an awesome medium for design; someone who thinks about design as a thing that happens across time and space.

*We're not really into traditional titles based on years of experience or areas of specialization, but for the sake of conversation this is a Mid-Level position with a focus on Interactive Design.


- A portfolio of work in a range of disciplines and media with an emphasis on interactive and screen-based design

- Agency or studio experience leading a project from concept to launch, including planning and working in a team

- A clear point of view and work that expresses it

- Willingness to be among a team of equals

- Ability to adapt and find solutions to keep projects moving forward (and experience enough to know when it's a design problem or requires other problem-solving methods)

- Self-starter, modest, and solid work ethic

Hard skills

- Ability to translate brand identities and expressive graphic design to interactive experiences

- Conversely, strong understanding of usability principles and best practices allows you to translate usable interfaces into unique experiences

- Uses time-based media (video, animation) to think beyond traditional, static outcomes

- Understanding of systems and rules-based design

- Can balance expression/utility, originality/expectation, simplicity/uniqueness

- Toolset a mix of contemporary (Figma, Principle) and foundational (Adobe, x-acto knife)

- Ability to organize large sets of information into sitemaps, userflows, UX patterns, etc.

- Thinks in terms of systems and scalable solutions, from documenting work for others to designing and maintaining re-usable pattern libraries

- Impeccable attention to detail, especially in typography

- Highly organized with some experience directly managing project logistics

- Experience collaborating with engineering teams to plan, document, test, and release the software they design


- Ability to clearly and confidently present work to your team and clients both orally and in writing

- You could just as easily design a book, a logo ...

- Can express interactive concepts through prototyping using code, animation software (AfterEffects), etc.

- Conversant in a range of adjacent skills and disciplines (e.g. type design, 4D, illustration, photography, copywriting)

- Production-level skills in one of the above disciplines

- Basic web development skills (HTML, CSS, JS)

- A desire to help build and grow a design studio

- Participation in extra-curricular activities like teaching, and community/professional organizations


This is a full-time position. Remote possible but preference is for New York-based candidates.

We are interested in building a new type of creative practice. We value our people above all else and actively strive to build a healthy studio environment. We value transparency, inclusiveness, self-direction, personal growth, collaboration, and fun (+ health insurance!).


Please send and resumé and work samples to []( with subject line ‘Designer (Mid-Level / Interactive)’.

About XXIX

When we started XXIX in 2013, we set out to build a different kind of design studio. We’ve thrived because we continually ask what a creative studio can be.

We set out to build a studio culture that prioritizes a happy, talented, and diverse team, knowing that good work would follow. We work on projects that bring value to the world, and we find balance between deep care for the work we do and a genuine curiosity about life outside of design.

We also work on our own projects like Index and we’re complemented by our sister studio Sanctuary Computer.

Pay and Benefits

We think of our studio as a refuge for creative people and we prioritize a flexible and healthy work environment. We provide full health insurance, generous paid time away from work – whether for mental health, parental leave, or simply time off, and the freedom to work when and where you choose. We distribute all company profits, make decisions collectively and transparently, rarely work outside regular hours, and are continuously working to improve the impact we have on our environment and community.


We are committed to representing a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives in the studio and recognize that are a lot of paths to becoming a great designer.

We’re not really big on traditional titles, we don’t think years of experience map directly to skill, and having a fancy degree or job history only matters so much. We’re interested in you and your work, so if you’ve got the portfolio and skills we’d encourage you to apply for the open positions regardless of what your CV looks like.

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