Creative Front End Lead

Limbo is always looking to raise the bar. And right now we are looking for a dance partner in the front end department in Copenhagen. In fact, we’re not just looking for someone who knows how to move, we need someone who can lead.

Now, cheesy dance metaphors aside, let’s tell you a little bit about us, before we get to the important part: you.


Limbo is a design agency. A digital agency. A tech agency. A communications agency. a consultancy. All across two offices (Vejle and Copenhagen). All wrapped up into one neat package.

That's a lot. And that’s the point.

At Limbo we celebrate versatility. We thrive on bringing people with different minds and mindsets together, to create the best possible projects for ourselves and for our clients.


And THAT’S where you come in. Right now (as in right freaking NOW) we have a seat to fill. If you are nice (nice is really important), highly skilled, ambitious and nice (did we mention that already?) we want to hear from you.

We’ll skip the list of technical requirements. You should have an idea about those. What’s important is that you have a real knack for what looks awesome and works perfectly. You know how to make pages turn and things move.

You’re still eager to learn, but you’re also confident in what you already know. And most importantly, you know how to make everybody - clients, co-workers, and collaborators - move to the same beat.

If this sounds like you, and if we sound like the place for you, don’t hesitate. Drop us a line (and don’t be afraid to show us the cool stuff you’ve done so far) at We’re holding our breath, waiting to hear from you.

Let’s dance!

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