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Creative Front-end Engineer (Remote)

Job by Nolte in Programming - January 10 2017

Nolte seeks a Creative Front-end Engineer (Remote)

Nolte is looking for an experienced front-end engineer freelancer to work with our team on a project-by-project basis. Our team is located all over the world and consists of kick-ass developers and designers with a real passion for what they do. We are small but nimble, which we find to be a positive rather than a negative. Responsibilities include taking a digital project from design to deployment (and hopefully to awards).


  • Awesome eye for animation and understanding of motion principles.

  • Excellent understanding of Javascript, HTML, CSS / SASS.

  • Strong understanding of how browsers work and native HTML5 web APIs.
  • Experience of WebGL and Canvas.
  • Able to write performant, scalable and modular code.

  • Knowledge of browser feature support and graceful degradation techniques where features are lacking (IE :-) ).

  • Great communication skills in English (written and verbal).
  • Comfortable with Git.

  • A commitment for keeping your code clean, well organized, and DRY.

  • Ability to accept feedback and come up with creative solutions around that feedback.

  • Ability to help and support co-workers and clients around projects.

  • Willingness and passion to learn new things, we strongly encourage and sponsor ongoing education. (We sponsor weekly open office hours where the team is encouraged to work on open source projects).

  • Ability to work autonomously.


  • Some WordPress experience

  • SPA frameworks such as React and Angular

  • Relevant tools, such as GSAP, D3 and ThreeJs

About Nolte:

We create and maintain digital products--everything from apps, to services, to business tools. We ensure the entire process, from ideation to strategy, then design and development, feels cohesive and collaborative.

Nolte exists because of our team members, who transformed their passions into careers. We believe meaningful technology is born when passionate teams create in tandem with committed clientele. Our clients’ visions empower us to use our skills and build the future--together. Their wins are our wins.

By partnering with Nolte, you’ll get the best product created by a skilled, engaged team.

How to Apply

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