Creative Front End Developer

Creative Front End Developer


As our new Creative Front-End Developer, you are an integral part of the team who helps to bring exciting designs to life. We need people who love experimenting and exploring new methods and techniques and live to take development to a new level.

You’ll be responsible for pushing the limits of what can be done with code while collaborating with other developers to do the same for our clients worldwide. We're project-based, so we're always working with someone interesting, be it Google, Sonos, and Adidas, or international artists, musicians, and other creatives. 

Our team brings talented folks together from around the world. We have Strategy, Creative, and Production all under one roof. This amazing fusion of talents lets us make things we could never make alone. Innovating all day makes us pretty fun people to work with too. We’re curious about new ideas, we know how to make them happen, and we’re always there to support each other throughout the process.

If you like making good things better you’ll fit right in.


  • Build Frontend applications following design specs and requirements
  • Provide thorough solutions to complex problems
  • Have your code reviewed and be prepared to review other developer’s code
  • Collaborate with Producers, Designers, QA and other Developers to execute projects
  • Communicate complicated technical approaches in layman’s terms so that clients and other teammates are comfortable with the team’s approach
  • You will be responsible for managing your own time and completing assigned tasks
  • Use your experience to recognize system deficiencies and implement/suggest effective solutions
  • Take part in research and development initiatives when time permits, with the understanding that the delivery of billable projects take precedence
  • Improve quality through regular review and scrutiny of production and product development processes
  • Estimate new features / tasks for others with oversight from our Managing Director
  • Post-mortem documentation of technical development (ie. Summary of hours and development difficulties)
  • Contribute by keeping your knowledge sharp, staying up to date with industry trends and emerging technologies. We encourage and thrive on experimentation and love to have fun with our work.
  • Attention to detail is critical. We take great pride in making sure every deliverable is 100 percent. You will help us achieve our high standards through your keen technical eye and upholding of coding standards on a daily basis


  • Solid understanding of Javascript and its place in creative coding
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS and modern website layout approaches
  • Open-minded, eager to share knowledge and collaborate with others
  • Experienced with Git and comfortable working with multiple developers
  • Committed to performance, code quality and delivering high-end experiences
  • Competent using advanced animation techniques (CSS, GSAP, etc.)

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