Backend Developer

Active Theory is seeking a back end developer to help build out the tech behind our Dreamwave events platform. As a new initiative, the role is broad and deep covering development of multi user WebSocket servers, cloud ops, backend development and playing a core role in helping to shape the product.

Dreamwave events have so far included virtual music festivals Secret Sky, Hulu Pride Fest and conference RedisConf 2020 with large events in the pipeline. 

Note: This position is remote, you'll be working closely with our teams based in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. 


  • Proficient with 2+ years developing secure, production ready Node.js Express applications
  • Maintain and develop multiplayer WebSockets application and familiar with multiplayer data structures and concepts
  • Experience deploying and managing production applications on Google Cloud Platform - Compute Engine, managing autoscaling solutions
  • Familiar with Firebase services - Cloud Firestore and security rules, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage
  • Experience designing database schemas for performance and scale
  • Able to perform load tests to ensure stability of backend systems
  • Learn, champion and build upon Medusa (custom backend framework) to continually improve functionality and maintain reusable modules

About Active Theory

Active Theory is a multi award winning studio based in Venice California. We make some of the best creative digital experiences for clients all around the world and we're growing. We're looking for people who are passionate about delivering high quality interactive projects for the web, at installations, and in mixed reality. Email

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