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Job Opportunity

Art Director

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June 03 2024 Design United Kingdom FULL-TIME REMOTE

Come join the team at ToyFight. We're a team of strategists, designers, developers and technologists with a passion for creating digital experiences for consumers and brands.

The Role

You are an Art Director who can deliver a vision in the most compelling way. You can direct a photographer to get what you need. You can articulate your ideas to a 3D artist. You can work closely with a copywriter to shape the tone for a brand.

You have a strong point of view but are comfortable taking feedback from the team and clients and understanding when to push back and when to listen. You work well within teams and can manage other designers and your own time, making sure you deliver on deadlines and to the highest standards.

What You'll Do

  • Articulate excellent design sensibilities
  • Demonstrate attention to detail and care for design that helps make a difference
  • Work in a highly collaborative environment with our team and clients on a variety of digital projects
  • Design for a range of worldwide clients, from startups to established brands
  • Clearly articulate your vision through strategic thinking, concepts, and visual design from concept to completion

What You’ll Bring

  • 5+ years of digital design experience
  • Ability to understand briefs, strategy and offer effective solutions to complex problems
  • A love for all aspects of design, from conceptual thinking, visual design, through to motion and prototyping
  • Able to present work through excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Familiarity with prototyping tools such as Principle, AE, and Figma
  • Mentorship skills to help develop other members of the team
  • Bonus points for skills in illustration, 3D or motion


Wherever you want.



Hybrid Working

We champion the art of hybrid working. One day, revel in the tranquility of your personal sanctuary, slippers and all; the next, immerse yourself in the collaborative studio space.

Flexible Hours

Enjoy the ability to adjust your work hours, offering you control over your schedule and working the way you want. Helping you maintain a healthy work-life balance.


With a generous offering of 28 vacation days, we don't just urge you to take a break; we celebrate your adventures. This is your time to rest, to live and find time for yourself, family and friends.

Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays at ToyFight are our way of encouraging you to step out early, bask in the sunlight, and embrace the warmth of leisure and relaxation. It's a reminder that work is a part of life, not the entirety of it.

Annual Bonuses

Our annual bonuses are not mere transactions (or bottles of booze); they are our way of saying thank you, a tangible testament to the value and impact of your work.

Personal Days

In addition to our generous standard leave, and Summer Fridays you can enjoy additional personal days for those times when life requires your attention outside of work.

Choice of Subs

Select from a range of subscriptions as part of your employment package. These subs cover a wide range of interests from film, music, learning and much more tailored to your personal or professional interests.

Cycle Scheme

Take advantage of our eco-friendly initiative that encourages cycling to work, promoting both environmental consciousness and physical fitness.

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