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May 22, 2017

Interview: WILD Wins Site of the Year at Awwwards London

Interview: WILD Wins Site of the Year at Awwwards London

The top names in digital addressed a crowd of over 500 web developers and designers about the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in the web landscape at Awwwards Conference London in January. After the talks, the best web projects of the year were recognised in a prize giving ceremony. Here we catch up with Thomas Ragger, Creative Technologist and partner at WILD. He talks about getting into WebVR, winning Site of the Year for Falter Inferno, his 'go to tools' and the web design scene in Austria.

There's multiple effects, so we do get a lot more visitors on the website, we have interesting people contacting us, whether it's clients or people who want to work with us - I think it's just a good way to get the word out and get in touch with interesting people that we can work with in the future (On winning Awwwards)

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Live the experience! See the Awwwards Conference London video here.