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Hotelstyle by Aquest (Italy) has won Site of the Month for August!

Article by Awwwards in News -

And the best site this month goes to... "Hotelstyle"! A site developed by the Italian agency Aquest narrowly beat the second-place site "Sonia", developed by the French studio Paris84, by just two votes!

Hotelstyle is a clothing brand characterized exclusively by a strong and determined philosophy: a refined look and the fierce state of mind of free-spirited men searching for identity.

Aquest's interpretation of the world comes in the from of minimalist graphics while at the same time utilizing a navigational system as avant-garde as the clothes it represents. The exclusive images and soundtrack accompany the user on an intense and original journey.

State of the art HTML5 technology and responsive web design allow us to experience everything this site has to offer on all mobile devices too; from tablets to smartphones, providing the 360º generation with the latest in navigational experiences.

  • As a communications agency we thrive on all things innovate and original to streamline the work we do; we are restless souls in search of new ideas, goals, and challenges.


    Book winners

    We also have the pleasure of announcing the winners of the 10 copies of the ebook "Design Evolution" by Josh Longfor participating in the vote on the Site of the Month.

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    Congratulations and thanks for taking part