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Our platform recognizes the efforts of web creators who expertly balance visual brilliance and functionality in projects spanning e-commerce, typography, product design, portfolios, no-code, and business services. Join us in celebrating projects that transcend aesthetics.

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Where creativity meets recognition.

Experience the thrill as you navigate through our carefully selected categories, each honoring the unique essence of diverse projects. Awwwards Honors unveil digital masterpieces that tell tales of dedication, finesse, and aesthetic brilliance, where each finds its rightful spotlight to gleam in.

New Honors


6 New Prestigious Awards!

From cutting-edge E-commerce to mesmerizing Typography, these awards recognize exceptional web design excellence. Embrace the future of digital artistry and be part of this remarkable journey!

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When submitting your project, you can choose the category where it shines brightest. The regular Site of the Day (SOTD) evaluation remains, but the top 20 highest-rated projects in each category, whether they win SOTD or not, will be nominated for Awwwards Honors.

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A space for everyone, whether your project belongs to the intricate world of business & services or the captivating realm of product design.

Typography No-code E-commerce Product Portfolio Business & Services

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Honors Categories!



Immerse yourself in the world of creative typography and innovative use of fonts. Explore websites where typography takes center stage, conveying unique brand personalities and evoking emotions through clever lettering and text design.



Embark on a journey through websites that stand out for their no-code approach, showcasing how it's possible to build innovative digital solutions without the need for traditional coding. Explore platforms that empower users of all skill levels to build and customize their digital projects intuitively and creatively, without compromising on functionality and design.



Discover outstanding websites that cater to online businesses, showcasing a wide range of products and services across diverse industries. These websites excel in user-friendly interfaces, seamless navigation, and secure transaction processes, ensuring an exceptional online shopping experience.



Explore websites dedicated to promoting and showcasing exceptional products, spanning various sectors and industries. Witness how these websites effectively communicate product features, benefits, and functionalities, enticing visitors to make informed purchasing decisions.



Step into the digital portfolios of talented professionals and companies from all walks of life. These websites exhibit diverse projects, skills, and accomplishments, offering a comprehensive overview of their expertise and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators.

Business & Services

Business & Services

Delve into a wide array of websites catering to businesses and service providers across different industries. From corporate entities to local service providers, these websites demonstrate effective communication, highlight service offerings, and present solutions to meet customers’ unique needs.

Celebrate Your Nomination

Once nominated, an email will guide you to your landing page where you’ll receive instructions on how to promote your site best. The voting period will last for 10 days, giving you the chance to share it on social media and gather support from the community.

User choice

Celebrate Community Validation!

The power relies on the Awwwards Community. Winners will be decided by the user's choice. To ensure fair voting, we’ll guide voters on category-specific criteria and will limit voting only to engaged users with 30+ days on Awwwards. New accounts created during the voting period won't be eligible to vote. Let's celebrate creativity together and elevate the best to the Awwwards Honors!

Find Your Perfect Match!

Awwwards is evolving with you! Soon, our platform will boast refined filters for categories and product types. This empowers companies and potential clients to explore winning projects that excel in various specialized categories, going beyond mere aesthetics. Awwwards continues to grow, hand in hand with professionals like you, embracing excellence in every aspect of web design and development.


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