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Hello Awwwards: Agency Life at Epic, Belgium

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Based in the city of Liège, eastern Belgium, EPIC is a digital agency made from the passion and creativity of 14 digital lovers. We dedicate ourselves to crafting awesome and thoughtful digital experiences that change the way your brand connects with clients.

Saint-Laurent - Liège, Belgium - 8:15 am
Epic Studio
Breakfast’s over, time to race to the office.
Boulevard d’Avroy - Liège, Belgium - 8:25 am
Epic Studio
Sunny weather, no traffic jams, it’s a good start.
EPIC front yard - Liège, Belgium - 8:35 am
Epic Studio
Front yard, our favorite place for summer lunches and beer time.
EPIC Offices, Liège, Belgium - 8:36 am
Epic Studio
We’re here, let the day begin!
Voodoo Room - 9:00 am
Epic Studio
Our Voodoo Room was meant for comfy informal meetings… and maybe for some black magic too.
Epic Studio
Daily meeting and girl power with Carole, Céline and Sarah this morning. Who runs the world?!
Designers’ Room - 10:00 pm
Epic Studio
Wen Zhu, our favorite Chinese designer is trying to make Pellet sexy (yes, it’s possible)
Voodoo Room - 10:10 pm
Epic Studio
Voodoo Room available, bring the meth!
Account & PM corner AKA "the Aquarium" - 10:15 pm
Epic Studio
We’re currently building a spaceship…(or at least trying to)
Developers’ Room - 10:30 pm
Epic Studio
Game development, optimizing, checking, double checking, Luigi is focused on making this upcoming project a hit!
Meeting Room - 11:00 pm
Epic Studio
Planning headaches are not over, we will complete our mission and make our team proud!
Farigoule sandwich, Place des Franchises, Liège - 1:10 pm
Epic Studio
Sandwiches for some, fries for others, who’s the healthy one here?
Place des Franchises, Liège - 1:20 pm
Epic Studio
EPIC’s team is definitely ready for lunchtime, on their way to rule the world, a couple more steps till our happiness reaches its top level (No one can be creative on an empty stomach)
Kitchen - 1:40 pm
Epic Studio
Lunch is over, let’s kick some ass at table football. Don’t mess with the referee, Hugues is the one watching today.
Designers’ Room - 3:15 pm
Epic Studio
Steel is cool! Long loves illustration, our client too. That’s a match! Now, let’s make it move!
Aquarium - 3:30 pm
Epic Studio
Useful for quick meetings throughout the week, the room turns into a party place every Friday at 5pm.
Meeting Room - 6:30 pm
Epic Studio
Need to blow off some steam? A little Streetfighter combat with our best and most passionate players.
Developers’ Room - 7:30 pm
Epic Studio
The day’s finally over, time to go home!
Just outside the office - 7:35 pm
Epic Studio
We love the Dude, Walter and Donnie but no bowling for us tonight.
Guillemins Train Station, Liège - 7:37 pm
Epic Studio
Everyday when we leave, we’re exposed to this beautiful piece of architecture by Santiago Calatrava.
Home in Liège - 8:00 pm
Epic Studio

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