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Hello Awwwards: Agency Life in Gdynia, Poland

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Our office is located in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. A fantastic place for creative and innovative companies. There are a lot of possibilities for developing and improving your business, even by adding custom slogans to your building via #WhizTalk tool.

Somewhere in north Poland, Gdynia area - 7:00 am
Soppo Studio Offices, Gdynia, Poland - 8:00 am
Soppo Office
Our office is easy to find. Space invaders will show you the way!
Soppo Studio Offices, Gdynia, Poland - 9:10 am
Soppo Office
Sketching is the basis for the start of each project, even in programming. Here, Michal thinks about the physics for a ski jumping game.
Developers' Room - 9:40 am
Soppo Office
Dawid and his favourite environment.
Hall - 10:20 am
Soppo Office
Soppo Office
Respect for all web certificates.
Directors Room - 11:30 am
Soppo Office
Deserved break. Lukasz relishes the view.
Office/Park Cafe restaurant - 13:30 pm
Soppo Office
On the left, sometimes you can find interesting object in the office. The guys are happy. On the right, a nice restaurant on the ground floor, long queues are not a challenge!
Soppo Studio - 15:00 pm
Soppo Office
Michal is testing the app. Many devices are required, the app must work excellently.
Meeting Room - 16:30 pm
Soppo Office
Meeting room. Waiting for a client.
Gdynia Orlowo Pier - 5:00 pm
Soppo Office
Our place, Gdynia, is a beautiful, modern and very green city with a population of a quarter of a million. A city of open-minded, friendly and dynamic people who are proud of where they live. So see you in Gdynia!

Who is Soppo Studio?

Soppo is a creative development studio based in Gdynia, Poland. We are focused on providing innovative and extraordinary online products.

We are a small, but strong team of creative technology thinkers and makers, developers and designers. We specialize in projects for the web, mobile devices, e-commerce, social media and gaming.

If you would like to show us how you do things in your part of the world, send your info to blog@awwwards.com

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