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Fusing Code and Celluloid with MediaMonks @Awwwards Conference

Article by Awwwards in Inspirational talks -

Wrapping up day one of the Awwwards Conference Amsterdam were Jeroen Van der Meera and Vincent Van de Wetering, Executive Creative Director and Creative Director of MediaMonks. They discussed how film and interactive directors can work together to achieve better results and shared knowledge and insights from producing blockbuster campaigns like Old Spice Muscle Surprise, Weber BBQ Cultures and Google Nightwalk.
Film is more engaging, it’s not scrolling through a Facebook page. We’re really trying to tell a story via an animation, or a film. An important thing that film brings is that human element in it. Since the stone age we have been trained to feel confident with that, we can bond with a human, with their expressions and that really helps us to tell the story.

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