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Fresh UI Inspiration in the Era of Google Material and Design Patterns

Article by Awwwards Team in Web Design - January 26

Elements such as full screen images or videos, parallax scrolling, hamburger menu icons, boostrap templates or "Google Design Material"... are everywhere! The saturation of these techniques and resources has led to a rather boring, generic web experiences.

Responsive Web Design created a platform for safe design patterns which safeguard usability and multi-device adaptation.

At this point in time, questions are being asked about the over-reliance on patterns  and design materials; achieving visually creative and original user experiences appears to be the cause of much head scratching to some within the industry.

Despite this rationalization of design, we can find original and creative examples which take the risk and look beyond flat design. The spotlight is hovering towards interaction animation and transition.

Mobile UI examples are pretty commonly used to illustrate this point. Why? Minimalist expression and user experience in its purest form provide a great source of inspiration for any interface junkie.


UI InspirationBy Michael Oh

UI InspirationBy Michael Martinho

UI InspirationBy Michael Martinho

UI InspirationBy Anke Mackenthun

UI InspirationBy Javier Perez

UI InspirationBy Ehsan Rahimi

UI InspirationBy Patrick Monkel

UI InspirationBy Ehsan Rahimi

UI InspirationElegant Seagulls

UI InspirationMaan Ali

UI InspirationJJ Lee

UI InspirationLiz Wells

UI InspirationBytte

UI Inspiration

UI InspirationBy Anke Mackenthun

UI InspirationBy Daniliuk Viktoryia

UI InspirationBy Filip Slovaček

UI InspirationBy Maxim Eriomov

UI InspirationBy Yalantis Mobile

UI InspirationBy Yalantis Mobile