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Free E-book: The Buyer’s Guide to Collaborative Design Platforms

Article by Jerry Cao in Resources & Tools -
Design problems aren’t always about designing.

The Buyer’s Guide to Collaborative Design Platforms explains how the right tools can make collaboration, workflow, and the product itself as efficient as possible.

In 13 pages, the guide explains a 3-step framework for:

  • 1. Identifying UX process problems
  • 2. Interpreting the problems
  • 3. Evaluating the solutions

This buyer’s guide discusses the finer points of each stage with a focus on workflow, collaboration, and product quality, but also covers prototyping considerations as well.

This free e-book includes:

  • Standardized checklists to help you pinpoint the specific problems, divided into workflow, collaboration, and product quality
  • Advice on how to present to stakeholders and work more closely with developers
  • Lists of questions to answer for each problem you identify
  • How to stop thinking of documentation as a paper trail or handoff chain
  • Collaboration tips for remote teams
Download this free e-book now. ux pin book