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Food Sketches: a Tasty Project in Vector Illustration

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

FOOD SKETCHES is an illustration project by Seattle-born illustrator Erin Jang, also an art director & graphic designer living in NYC.

In this project, Jang presents us with a series of abstract graphical representations in colorful vector shapes of dishes that she has tasted in different restaurants. The goal is to creatively share her experiences of food as a way of giving recommendations on what restaurants people can visit.

This is without a doubt a good example of a work of graphic reinterpretation which proves again the 'Bauhausian' design maxim coined by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Less is more.

Bon appetit!

Erin Jang's Food Sketches | The Indigo Bunting

  • FOOD SKETCH #49: Sullivan Street Bakery Strecci

  • FOOD SKETCH #39: Dim Sum Chicken Feet

  • FOOD SKETCH #16: Two Eggs + Hash Brown

  • FOOD SKETCH #33: Veselka Pierogi

  • FOOD SKETCH #20: Matzo Ball Soup

  • FOOD SKETCH #56: Sulungtang

  • FOOD SKETCH #55: Motorino Pizza

  • FOOD SKETCH #53: Momofuku Milk Bar Grasshopper Pie

  • FOOD SKETCH #51: Kung Pao Pastrami at Mission Chinese Food

  • FOOD SKETCH #50: Egg Custard at Mission Chinese Food

  • FOOD SKETCH #40: Talula's Garden Cheese Plate

  • FOOD SKETCHES #48: Dragonfruit

  • FOOD SKETCHES #47: Dragonfruit

  • FOOD SKETCH #46: Taiwanese Shaved Ice

  • FOOD SKETCH #45: DiNic's Roast Pork Sandwich

  • FOOD SKETCH #43: Salted Caramel Budino

  • FOOD SKETCH #9: Pretzel Croissant

  • FOOD SKETCH #8: City Bakery Iced Coffee

  • FOOD SKETCH #10: Parm Birthday Cake

  • FOOD SKETCH #35: WD-50 Peekytoe Crab Roll

  • FOOD SKETCH #44: Federal Donuts

  • FOOD SKETCHES #42 + #41: Bacon & Eggs

  • FOOD SKETCH #52: Levain Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie

  • FOOD SKETCH #36: WD-50 Cold Fried Chicken

  • FOOD SKETCH #54: IKEA Swedish Meatballs

  • FOOD SKETCH #38: Olive Oil Gelato

  • FOOD SKETCH #32: Blueberry Apricot Popsicle

  • FOOD SKETCH #17: Superbowl Snacks

  • FOOD SKETCH #28: Sockerbit Licorice Mix

  • FOOD SKETCH #26: Jalebi

  • FOOD SKETCH #22: Beer and Pretzel Caramels

  • FOOD SKETCH #37: Sunday Suppers' Berries and Vanilla Mascarpone

  • FOOD SKETCH #25: Indian sweets

  • FOOD SKETCH #24: Strawberry Kiwi Nougat

  • FOOD SKETCH #23: Gumballs

  • FOOD SKETCH #21: Ring Ding