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Cool 'Cool' Websites for Summertime: Selected Websites

Article by Awwwards in Web Design -

With the summer heat (we live in the northern hemisphere) and the sun beating down, nothing makes us happier when surfing the web than discovering sites that say “summer”: cold water, ice cream, holidays, cool breezes, beach and sea, countryside and a lot of light.

Today let’s get refreshed with a selection of fresh cool sites brimming with summer. We hope they help you get through those hot hours at the office. And if they happen to give you some good ideas for things to do this summer...

Dive in!

  • Satorisan


    Cool, comfortable shoes for walking and discovering every corner of the little fishing villages. This is the product offered by Satorisan, a footwear brand that sees things differently. Unique products showcased in an uncommon hybrid campaign and e-shop site.

    Satorisan by David Navarro

  • Quechua – Look Book Spring Summer 13

    Quechua – Look Book Spring Summer 13

    Quechua, the outdoor brand from Decathlon, presents its Spring/ Summer collection with a very interesting original UX concept: an interactive journey through New Zealand. Summer for wandering, walking in the mountains, travelling.

    Quechua – Look Book Spring Summer 13 by Akaru

  • Escape Flight

    Escape Flight

    How about planning a getaway? Perhaps sunny Valencia or beautiful Rome? Our friends from B-Reel recently presented the Escape Flight concept- cheap, direct flights from London to other European cities.

    Escape Flight by B-Reel, Dogstudio & Nuok

  • Pulco - La Vie à la Fresh!

    Pulco - La Vie à la Fresh!

    What’s more summery than a good lemonade? The website for Pulco lemon juice and its tagline, Life à la Fresh, makes us think of summer and a surge of zingy freshness.

    La Vie à la Fresh! by LABANDEORIGINALE

  • The Kings of Summer Tumblr Site

    The Kings of Summer Tumblr Site

    The holiday months are always a great time to go to the movies. A good movie has to be part of your summer plans. The Kings of Summer is a film about three teenage friends who, in the ultimate act of independence, decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods and living off the land.

    The Kings of Summer Tumblr Site by Watson/DG

  • Solasié, rugby and travel wear!

    Solasié, rugby and travel wear!

    Solasié is a rugby-centered fashion brand. They’ve produced a digital smart experience through the places and people of the campaign, giving a sense of freedom and peace to all users!

    Solasié, rugby and travel wear! by Gusto IDS

  • Sabarcadeformentera


    What if we rented a small boat to sail around the islands and beaches of the Mediterranean? Sabarcadeformentera is a new company that offers you the chance to rent a very special boat, the llaüt, at an affordable price on the beautiful island of Formentera (Spain).

    Sabarcadeformentera by Isthar Marcon, wordpresschef, Dimitri Grassi & Paolo Barbagallo

  • Kiliwatch


    Denims Kiliwatch also present their Spring/ Summer 2013 collection

    Kiliwatch by Studio Meta

  • Sweez


    Pure candy! A delightful shop located in Brazil that combines retro style and modernity in a very harmonious way.

    Sweez by Deen Digital Marketing

  • My Provence Festival 2013

    My Provence Festival 2013

    Festival time, like this Provençal delight in Marseille.

    My Provence Festival 2013 by UZIK

  • Zulu & Zephyr

    Zulu & Zephyr

    Coastal dreams & visual themes. A brand new Australian Swim & Beachwear label made for the sun, the salt & the sea.

    Zulu & Zephyr by Zulu & Zephyr

  • Tradewinds Iced Tea

    Tradewinds Iced Tea

    Springbox built a unique, responsive landing destination to extend Tradewinds' summer campaign. Parallax elements and captivating paradise content encourage visitor engagement.

    Tradewinds Iced Tea by Springbox