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Comic Sans: it's a Love-Hate relationship

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

There are many people around the world who hate Comic Sans with an firey passion despite, at the same time, loving it so very dearly. Not even its creator, 20 years later, could have imagined the popularity of those smooth, childlike, rounded strokes that appear to come straight out of a classic Watchmen cartoon.

Take Microsoft Bob for example; this was an application designed to facilitate the operation of the Microsoft software. While serious time and effort had gone into creating quality image graphics, the font in which the main character - Rover, your personal assistant - spoke left a lot to be desired. In 1994, Vincent Connare influenced by the comic books of the time, came to realize that no pet should talk like that: "Cartoon dogs don’t talk in Times New Roman”, and decided that the time had come to create Comic Sans. After a series of technical glitches (Comic Sans texts took up considerably more space than expected), Connare discovered that his new font would not be ready in time to be integrated into the launch of Microsoft Bob. Poor Rover was stuck with Times New Roman. News soon came that the software was not all that Microsoft’s users had hoped for; thus giving way to doubts about whether a change in typeface would have made a better impression.

  • Microsoft Bob

    Microsoft Bob

    The Combs (Holly and David: an American couple) were mesmerized by the massively inappropriate use of Comic Sans which was being plastered all over hospital posters, business emails, CVs, porn sites, even tombstones! So moved they were, they kick started a family business offering an arsenal of merchandise which brandished the slogan Ban Comic Sans!

  • Ban Comic Sans

    Ban Comic Sans

    To the fans of handwritten styles, like Comic Sans, you’d do well to check out a whole host of alternatives which Bamblot has to offer, along with some examples from Ban Comic Sans, of course.

  • Alternative fonts

    Alternative fonts

  • An honorable mention must go out to Comic Sans Criminal; a renegade site whose primary objective is to promote the appropriate and responsible implementation of this polemic typeface.

  • Criminal Comic Sans

    Criminal Comic Sans

    Take a look at these (hijacked) logos provided by the Comic Sans Project.

  • Comic Sans Project

    Comic Sans Project