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Nov 24, 2016

Free eBook: WebGL Performance Tips By Firstborn

Free eBook: WebGL Performance Tips By Firstborn

Here comes the next instalment of our Brain Food! for Digital Creatives series of case studies. New York based Firstborn discusses the steps taken in the development of their digital experience for MountainDew x Titanfall, one of the most awaited games of 2016. Read how the team developed a custom WebGL solution, avoiding browser incompatibilities and reducing loading times by creating a realtime rendering scene, without 3D meshes or video loops, just processing all the DOM elements in a SVG object render as a base 64 encoded image and applying filters and post-processing effects to it.

We hope you enjoy this step by step case study which discuses the practicalities and pros and cons of the techniques used in this unique 3D project.

Firstborn Team

The second instalment for web designers and developers is available to download free here. Sustain your brain!