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Bicycles in Web Design

Article by Awwwards Team in Design & Illustration - March 07

Bicycling is in style. With the increase of green consciousness and global warming awareness, bikes have become common to the urban environment of cities all over the world. But at some point they became a fashion statement rather than a transportation method, specially with the rise of fixed gear bikes. And why not? Let's face it, those bicycles are beautiful. Bicycles can presume of possessing an aesthetic power that not many objects have. And so, the bike trend has entered the world of web design. Bicycle manufacturers and shops reflect the cycle chic in their websites, but also non bicycle related websites use them as decorative elements. In this post we showcase 20 beautiful websites featuring bicycles. Check them out!

  • The Work Cycle

    The Work Cycle

  • My own bike

    My own bike

  • Viking Cycles

    Viking Cycles

  • Solé Bicybles

    Solé Bicybles

  • Indie Bikes

    Indie Bikes

  • Budnitz Bicycles

    Budnitz Bicycles

  • Condor Cycles

    Condor Cycles

  • Soho Fixed

    Soho Fixed

  • Cannondale


  • Trackdropouts


  • Deaf Pigeon

    Deaf Pigeon

  • Alien Bikes

    Alien Bikes

  • City Grounds

    City Grounds

  • Boutique Cycles

    Boutique Cycles

  • Bertelli


  • Trek Bikes

    Trek Bikes

  • Soleil Noir 2012

    Soleil Noir 2012

  • The Ride Journal

    The Ride Journal

  • Toro Quality Goods

    Toro Quality Goods

  • Mavic