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Best Web Agencies of Spain, by Israel Pastrana

Article by Israel Pastrana in Web Design -

"Spain, everything under the sun"

No matter the hard times Spain is going through, the old slogan for promoting tourism "everything under the sun" still explains how we approach life and work... Enjoying the whole day under the influence of the bright sun, and letting that mood guide our creativity. The web design landscape is very mixed: we have big international agencies, specialized collectives that produces work for these agencies, dedicated studios who love to carefully handcraft every project, and amazing small teams with international recognition. Here is a selection of the most remarkable 10.
  • Vasava

    (Barcelona) Vasava is a reference point in avant-garde design in Spain. Although it started up in Barcelona in 1997 it still keeps the small studio touch, with a cutting-edge team who work on cross-media projects for many clients, such as Bacardi . They don't forget to spend time on research, personal projects and even a shop! Don't miss their amazing graphic works for Nike, Diesel… Facebook | Twitter
  • Vasava
  • JWT Spain

    (Madrid y Barcelona) With more than 200 offices in the world, JWT has two of them in Madrid and Barcelona, from where they craft lots of interactive experiences. One of my favorites last year was this beautiful interactive video timeline that takes us on a 7.500km trip: Facebook | Twitter
  • JWT Spain
  • McCann Spain

    (Madrid) McCann in Spain is a compendium of enterprises that covers all the areas in advertising. They've been taking care of clients like Coca Cola for years, improving their experiences with campaigns like The Very Best of Coca Cola, which is very enjoyable from the iPad. Also from MRM (part of the group) comes the beautiful Facebook visualization of the current mood in Spain. Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo McCann
  • MiauMiau Interactive Studio

    (Valencia) This two-people team based in Valencia have proved time and time again that all technologies can contribute a rich interactive experience. With Flash, physical installations and artificial intelligence you can have Translating Melvin. Another neat thing about their open-minded approach is that they have not only mastered the GPU, but are so kind as to share the research in their blog, like this WebGL fluid simulation. Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo Miau Miau Interactive
  • Mr. Doob

    (Barcelona) Born in Barcelona, they were involved from early on in the demoscene and having gone through design, development and well known agencies like Hi-Res!, Ricardo Cabello creates and shares his vast knowledge in graphics programming through his experiments and open source projects. He started and continues to improve the most used WebGL engine: Three.js and inspires us to use open web technologies through his work with other artists on stunning projects like Mr. Doob on Twitter
  • Logo Mr. Doob
  • Hello Enjoy

    Although they're based in the UK, the two members of Hello Enjoy (Carlos Ulloa and Libertad Aguilera) are Spanish and incredibly innovative, with a great amount of experience behind them (game development in the legendary Psygnosis, creating the famous 3D Flash engine Papervision3D...). They specialize in high-end interactive 3D for the web and mobile. One of my favorite WebGL projects is their experience for Ellie Goulding. Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo Hello Enjoy
  • Sra. Rushmore

    (Madrid) One of the most garlanded agencies in Spain since its creation in 2000. Their website has a late 90's look, but that's just a sign of the humor and originality they put into all of their work. Like the site they made for the SyFy channel, creating the longest credit titles ever, with seven million names sliding for a whole year (yours included if you want...): Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo Sra. Rushmore
  • Medios y Proyectos

    (Alcoy, Alicante) A team of talented people that work for several agencies as well as their own, their attention to the tiny details have gained them deserved recognition for their Flash works. Most of their portfolio is superb. Now they're also doing phone apps and I'm excited to see their upcoming HTML5 projects.
  • Logo Medios y Proyectos
  • Orbital Proximity

    (Madrid) Proximity Worldwide and BBDO come together in Orbital Proximity, an agency that has focused on bringing advertising experiences to social networks. They're famous for using most of them in a car game for Renault, and even claim to have done the first banner for Pinterest! .
  • Logo Orbital Proximity
  • Nectar Estudio

    (Valencia) Nectar is a communication studio focused on new media. A young team that never seems to stop, as they are present in many Spanish design-related events. They have been working for several years with Lois jeans, and for their 50th anniversary they created a neat timeline: Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo Nectar Estudio
  • Double You

    (Madrid y Barcelona) One of the reasons why this agency was able to survive the dot com era is their continuous effort in adapting advertisements to new media. Some of their recent works include Diesel Fresh & Bright or Camper . Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo Double You
  • DoTheRightClick

    (Madrid) What calls my attention to this small studio is how they can produce very technical solutions or almost hand-made designs, but all of them with outstanding visual communication. Like the generative visual identity for Alex Warp. Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo DoTheRightClick
  • The Cocktail

    (Madrid) A digital design consultancy with expertise in usability that focuses on user experience for big business, providing great results. Another interesting thing about them is how they invest in internal projects, like the Webby award Facebook | Twitter
  • Logo The Cocktail