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Best 20 film and TV title sequences from the last decade

Article by Awwwards Team in Design & Illustration - September 14

Since the invention of the cinematograph, title sequences have been used to present the cast and crew of films and TV shows and mark their tone and theme. Film title sequences have become more and more elaborate through time, serving as a showcase for contemporary design and illustration. The most representative example is the work of Saul Bass, which has influenced in a lot of credit designers later, in a 1966 interview he described title sequences as a way of conditioning the audience, so that when the film actually began and viewers would have an emotional resonance with it. In the past, all the good stuff had to be seen in theatres while TV products were second class, but we are living a golden age of TV shows, and with the increasing quality of the productions, go the care put into crafting the opening credits for the serials. In some cases, title sequences have become an essential and distinctive part of and they even are changed in every episode (like "The Simpsons" intro). For this, post we give "credit" to our 20 favourite movie and TV shows film titles from the last decade. Take a look at them, get inspired and tell us which ones would you put on the list.