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Jun 4, 2021

Background Pattern Designs And Resources For Websites

Background Pattern Designs And Resources For Websites

Patterns are a useful resource for website design, allowing us to liven up our backgrounds by using tiny images with just a few kb. A repeated graphic is a good strategy for responsive design as is fits all screen resolutions perfectly. Patterns are indefinitely repeated either horizontally and vertically, and we can play around with a variety of shapes and colors, bitmaps or vectors, and different styles.

Here’s a nice compilation of resources and tools such us Patterns Galleries, CSS3 Patterns, and Pattern Generators, plus some examples of websites with background patterns to give you some inspiration.

Patterns Galleries:

There are numerous websites that offer complete resource galleries to download free patterns, check out some of our favorites on the following list:

Pattern generators:

If you're looking for something different than the patterns available in the galleries, why not try a pattern generator to make your own custom patterns?  Some include the option to generate as CSS3 code rather than as an image file.

Examples of websites with patterns:

Below we've selected a few examples of websites that use patterns as a  design resource, either in the background or in other areas of the site: