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Awwwards #LoveDays Conference 2014 - The Standardistas

Article by Awwwards Team in Inspirational talks - June 13

We welcomed Christopher Murphyand Nicklas de Leon Persson to the stage in Paris so that they could ask us some important questions and share some important answers.

Where do good ideas come from? How might we find them? How might we nurture them?

Contrary to popular opinion, the greatest - world-changing - ideas aren't the result of the lone genius, slaving away, before a Eureka moment hits them in a moment of sudden enlightenment; rather they are the product of a carefully crafted environment, an environment designed to foster creativity and harness the momentary sparks of genius it produces.

The Standardistas explore the history of ideas, looking back at some of the giants of invention. Learning from them, they propose a system that – they believe – promises to deliver a constant flow of new and challenging ideas, which can be captured, cultivated and released into the world.