Mar 10, 2015

Awwwards Interviews - Divya Manian from Adobe

Awwwards Interviews - Divya Manian from Adobe

As last year, we have prepared for you a long list of interviews with some of the best web design agencies and industry professionals. They told us about the inside of their agencies and secrets of their success. We have to thank our friends at Betahaus for letting us film in their installations.

To start the Awwwards Interviews we present you Divya Manian, Product Manager at Adobe working on tools to help web designers. Previously at Opera, she advocates the use of web technologies while contributing to open source projects and books on web development. She also actively participates in projects to make gender bias history.

Go on and check her twitter: @divya!

We will publish more Awwwards Interviews over the coming weeks so make sure you visit our blog. Hope you like them!