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Awwwards Conference 2015 - WebGL & WebVR by Mr. doob & Jaume Sanchez

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

Mr.doob & Jaume Sanchez gave a fantastic talk at the Awwwards Conference Barcelona 2015 on building WebGL, WebVR, Three.js editor, Google Maps Cube Game and creating 3D animated landscapes.

Ricardo Cabello (A.K.A Mr. doob) is a self-taught computer-graphics programmer. Originally from Barcelona, Cabello began his professional career alternating between roles as a designer and developer. In his spare time, his involvement in the demoscene set him on the path to learning graphics programming. Follow him on Twitter @mrdoob

Jaume Sanchez is a web platform enthusiast, Technical Director at B-Reel in Barcelona, building meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling and technology. Also doubling as a creative coder dabbling in the latest technologies in the browser, like WebGL or WebRTC. Check his personal site Clicktorelease