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Awwwards Conference 2015 - Meagan Fisher, Brooklyn-based Web Designer

Article by Awwwards Team in - April 17

Meagan Fisher is a web designer working in Brooklyn, New York. She's been designing since 2004, and during that time has done work for a wide range of companies – nonprofits, agencies, big brands, etc. Lately she's been doing a lot of marketing work for startups, and really enjoyed the challenge of using design to tell the story of a product or company.

She's also been doing some front-end work creating responsive and Sass based sites, to keep her coding skills sharp. Nowadays she's the Creative Director at a tiny but wonderful startup called SproutVideo. Loves opportunities to design new products, tell an important story, or to help make great ideas successful.

If you share her passion for owls and web design be sure to check her twitter @owltastic!