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Amazing Eco-friendly Vehicles

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are choosing alternative methods of transportation. This can be because people are looking for more cost-efficient ways to get around the city, or because of the need many feel to get into the whole Eco-friendly vibe. Either way, it must be said that everyday there are more and more artists and designers making amazing proposals for alternative vehicles.

It's clear that bicycling is in style, and there was a time in which our options were reduced to just going with the good old bicycle to get around and be friendly with the environment. Now we have a wide range of proposals to choose from.

Today we've made a selection of 10 amazing vehicles that will sweep you off your feet.

Source: trecool.es

  • Local Urban Tricycle

  • ElecTriCity: Electric Tricycle

  • Orphiro: Electric Motorcycle

  • T2o: Bamboo Electric Motorcycle

  • SplinterBike: Wooden Bicycle

  • PUMA Bikes: Urban Bicycles

  • Copenhagen Wheel: Hybrid Social Bicycle

  • Variable Frame Bike

  • Bonobo Plywood Bicycle

  • Grocery Shopping Cartrider

  • Horsey Bicycle Attachment

  • Faraday

  • Robrady Design

  • Mobile Home for One Person

  • Trailer Bike

  • Helo

  • Peculiar Design Bike

  • Tribune

  • Inner city Bike

  • Molecule

  • Electric Eco Cruiser

  • Vienna - Electric Bike

  • Carbon fiber electric bike

  • ECO-DRIVE/Seoul Cycle Design Competition