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Sketch from A to Z (2020): Become an app designer

Finally a comprehensive guide to using Sketch for designing mobile applications. Learn to design an app from A to Z.

Sketch has revolutionized the world of mobile application design by providing the tools to transform yourself into a professional app designer with only a few hours of training. This course will teach you to use the Sketch to design dynamic, development-ready mobile app user interfaces that impress clients and engage users.

What you'll learn with this course:

  • Master Sketch to create a strong mobile app design from start to finish.
  • Advanced techniques and shortcuts to design faster than most professionals.
  • User interface design best practices to solve problems effectively.
  • Know how to simplify visual information to clarify meaning and improve UX.
  • Understand how to design for different device viewports.
  • How to leverage tools to ensure pixel perfect design work.
  • How to save tons of time by using shared styles, symbols, and libraries.
  • How to export and hand off the assets developers need to build a real app.
  • How a good UI (user interface) influences good UX (user experience).
  • Be a professional designer who creates better apps faster.
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Trailer What you’ll learn
Course content What Will You Discover?
4 Hours
  • Getting Started
    • 1.1 Introduction
      14 Min.
  • Starting Your Project Right
    • 2.1 Starting Your Project Right
      6 Min.
  • Layer Basics
    • 3.1 Tricks for navigating layers
      29 Min.
  • Creating and Editing Shapes
    • 4.1 Creating and Editing Shapes
      24 Min
    • 4.2 Advanced shape techniques
      19 Min
  • Fills, Colors, and Borders
    • 5.1 Fills, Colors, and Borders
      24 Min.
    • 5.2 Blending, Shadows, and Blurs
      19 Min.
    • 5.3 Shared Styles
      7 Min.
  • Text
    • 6.1 Text
      16 Min.
  • Symbols & Libraries
    • 7.1 Symbols & Libraries
      24 Min.
  • Editing Raster Images
    • 8.1 Editing Raster Images
      8 Min.
  • Exporting Artboards and Assets
    • 9.1 Exporting Artboards and Assets
      14 Min.
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Sketch from A to Z (2020): Become an app designer

Sketch from A to Z (2020): Become an app designer

By Joseph Angelo Todaro

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  • Joseph Angelo Todaro

    Joseph Angelo Todaro

    UI/UX Designer & Professor of Design


    My education, career, and even personal life have been molded by one simple principle; well designed information resonates with people and can change lives.I have a passion for making information resonate. It all starts with how people think. With how humans work. As humans we have learned how to read and write and while that is incredible, we are also already hard-wired to do some things a bit more "automatically". We are animals – designed to see things things as a whole. To start with a big picture and build understanding as we break it down. To learn from the visual. The spacial. The tangible. Information can be all of these things. The difference is design. I am a designer who uses the art, science, and psychology of design to nurture effective communication and facilitate enjoyable experiences. Through over 10,000 hours of one-to-one teaching for one of the largest software companies in the world and over a decade of exploring the visual arts, I have learned to make information work for people.

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