BESTSELLER Create Award Winning Animation and Interaction Design In Webflow By Joseph Berry
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Create Award Winning Animation and Interaction Design In Webflow
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
10 Hours Course

Create Award Winning Animation and Interaction Design In Webflow

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Animation and Interaction is a fundamental part in creating engaging and exciting experiences. Learn the crucial techniques in creating advanced animations and interactions inside of Webflow.

Webflow: Start building websites with no-code

Webflow is a collaborative, no-code web design tool is called Webflow. It is a visual method for creating landing pages, eCommerce, and responsive websites. Additionally, Webflow includes a CMS and operates as a hosting platform.


In this course you will learn all of the techniques in building out complex animations and interactions. As we dig into the fundamentals of animation and interaction design we will explore creative ways to build out digital experiences. This course will cover both how to build out clean HTML and CSS whilst building out animations and interactions that are smooth and perform well. This course will give you all of the tools to recreate, re-ues and elevate your Webflow skills.

You will learn

  • Fundamentals of animation and interaction
  • Organize your designs and animations in Figma
  • Design amazing interactive experiences in Webflow
  • Build a 3D interactive experience
  • Build a Scroll-Jack experience
  • Create a Click Card Project

The course includes

  • 10 hours of practical and condensed knowledge
  • Immediate access to the entire collection of videos
  • Course Documentation
  • Source Files: Figma and Webflow 
  • Valuable links and resources for every lesson
  • Slack Group
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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

10 sections • 30 lectures • 10 hours

  • Welcome
    1 lectures 02:20 Mins
    • Introduction
      02:20 Mins
  • Animation Principles
    1 lectures 05:53 Mins
    • Animation Principles
      05:53 Mins
  • Webflow Setup
    1 lectures 08:23 Mins
    • Set up
      08:23 Mins
  • Experience 01 - Intro Landing Page with Dynamic Interactions
    13 lectures 4 Hours 27 Mins
    • Landing Page Build - I
      09:52 Mins
    • Landing Page Build - II
      25:34 Mins
    • Landing Page Build - III
      19:52 Mins
    • Landing Page Build - IV
      12:15 Mins
    • Landing Page Build - V
      10:29 Mins
    • Landing Animate - I
      35:46 Mins
    • Landing Animate - II
      27:52 Mins
    • Landing Animate - III
      10:00 Mins
    • Landing Animate - IV
      33:38 Mins
    • Landing Animate - V
      13:57 Mins
    • Landing Animate - VI
      40:57 Mins
    • Landing Animate - VII
      11:08 Mins
    • Landing Animate - VIII
      17:04 Mins
  • Experience 02 - 3D Experience with Mouse Interaction
    2 lectures 42:16 Mins
    • 3D Experience Build
      20:38 Mins
    • 3D Experience Animate
      21:38 Mins
  • Experience 03 - Click Card hide and Reveal Info
    5 lectures 1 Hour 16 Mins
    • Click Card Build - I
      15:14 Mins
    • Click Card Build - II
      13:06 Mins
    • Click Card Animate - I
      23:35 Mins
    • Click Card Animate - II
      22:46 Mins
    • Click Card Animate - III
      01:19 Mins
  • Experience 04 - Scroll Jack Features
    3 lectures 1 Hour 22 Mins
    • Scroll Jack Build
      16:56 Mins
    • Scroll Jack Animate - I
      35:12 Mins
    • Scroll Jack Animate - II
      29:51 Mins
  • Bonus Content
    1 lectures 13:51 Mins
    • Bonus Content Animate
      13:51 Mins
  • Mega menu
    2 lectures 2 Hours 02 Mins
    • Menu Build
      20:17 Mins
    • Menu Animate
      1 Hour 42 Mins
  • Final Edits
    1 lectures 37:28 Mins
    • Final Edits and Tweaks
      37:28 Mins
Joseph Berry
Work Work Work 
Work Work Work 

With a flair for design and the development know-how, Joe is a perfect example of fusing art with engineering. After a decade plus of experience, Joe has sharpened his design zeitgeist and is now ready to share this to the world.
Gideon Cheok
Gideon Cheok Experience Design Director at Digitas
Course details

Create Award Winning Animation and Interaction Design In Webflow

Create Award Winning Animation and Interaction Design In Webflow

By Joseph Berry

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  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Intermediate & Professional
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Joseph Berry

    Joseph Berry

    Freelance Experience Designer


    Joseph has worked with a number of Global clients creating digital experiences for both Web and App. Having worked in key roles for clients spanning many different sectors, Joseph has a keen eye for forward-thinking design, owning the ability to see clear direction from beginning to end.

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