NEW Animated Prototypes: Made simple and in less time with Adobe XD By Brandon Groce
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Animated Prototypes: Made simple and in less time with Adobe XD
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
2 Hours 19 Mins Course

Animated Prototypes: Made simple and in less time with Adobe XD

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Design today is about solving problems, and quickly. The top designers today are able to bring their ideas and solutions to life with beautiful working and animated prototypes. It’s their ability to create, build and sell their ideas quickly that make them creative power houses.
This is what we are going to teach you how to do in this course.

In this course we’re going to dive into all the fundamentals to advanced techniques you need to know to create stunning animated prototypes you desire, in Adobe XD, to help sell your ideas, faster.

We’ll cover how to prototype in Adobe XD, the fundamentals of animation, timing and easing, how to utilize masks, 3D transform and other techniques to create some really cool animated effects for your prototypes.

I’ll even show you how to showcase and add some flair to your work in After Effects once your prototypes are done.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to create anything that you see on the internet or just desire to, all in Adobe XD because you’ll know how to use the tool at its maximum capability, think about motion, and understand how to break down what inspires you, so you can create it and give it a little more spice with After Effects to showcase your work.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

5 sections • 17 lectures • 2 hours 19 mins

  • Welcome To The Course!
    1 lectures 01:04 Mins
    • What You’ll Learn & The Project We’ll Be Working On
      01:04 Mins
  • Prototyping And Animation Fundamentals
    6 lectures 43:39 Mins
    • Introduction To XD As A Design Platform
      00:58 Mins
    • Intro to XD
      15:47 Mins
    • Understanding Timing & Easing
      10:22 Mins
    • Mask Animations
      08:16 Mins
    • 3d Animations
      07:27 Mins
    • Bringing It All Together
      00:49 Mins
  • Let’s Animate & Prototype Together!
    4 lectures 1 Hour 14 Mins
    • Download The Project Files
      00:32 Mins
    • Designing Our Landing Page
      18:54 Mins
    • Putting Our Prototype & Animations Together
      54:38 Mins
    • We’re Done! What’s Next?
      00:36 Mins
  • Adding Some Flair To Our Animated Prototype Using After Effects
    4 lectures 20:18 Mins
    • What We’re Going To Make In After Effects (Showcase)
      01:39 Mins
    • Where To Get Cool After Effect Mockups To Boost Your Design’s Perceived Value
      03:31 Mins
    • Jumping Into After Effects
      10:32 Mins
    • How to Make Fire Showcases With No Video Editing Experience
      04:36 Mins
  • Now What?
    2 lectures 01:25 Mins
    • Time To Do It!
      00:32 Mins
    • Thank You
      00:53 Mins

Brandon Groce is an exceptional designer. He lives and breathes design, animation, and knows exactly how to take his work to the next level. Brandon brings such positive energy into everything he does and I’ve always really appreciated how he showcases his work and process. When not on the lookout for the next amazing technology, he loves to take others with him on an exciting ride of what is possible in the world of design and animation to create new possibilities for their work, from the ground up.
Megan Reinhardt
Megan Reinhardt Sr. Community Manager @Adobe
Course details

Animated Prototypes: Made simple and in less time with Adobe XD

Animated Prototypes: Made simple and in less time with Adobe XD

By Brandon Groce

$25 75% off $100


  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Beginner & Intermediate
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
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  • Brandon Groce

    Brandon Groce

    Designer, Host, Content Creator and Adobe Partner


    Brandon Groce is a Adobe Partner, Online Personality, and one of the top Design & Tech Edutainers who makes learning design fun again, with a total audience of 111K Creative Designers on social media. (@brand0ngr0ce). As an in-demand entertaining design expert, Brandon is recognized by a wide-range of audiences for his frequent appearances as an expert and host for online content including Adobe Live, AIGA 50 Galas, and numerous other podcasts.

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