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31 Examples Of Icons In Navigation Menus

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -
One of the fundamental things in web design in reference to usability is navigation. Navigation menus are important to help the user find the information that he or she seeks. Use of colors, highlights and mouse-over effects will facilitate detection of the items that are being searched. The use of icons beside menu items is a fantastic alternative that favors a quick visual option identification; and even the use of icons without text to accompany is viable. Icons being part of the overall design can also serve a highlighters, instead of just using text. An important current technique is the use of web font icons. It allows the total integration of the menu in a responsive web design thanks to the scalability and customization of vector icons. We present a website collection that make use of icons in their navigation menus and that we hope can serve you of example and inspiration.

Websites With Icons In Navigation Menus: