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30 Examples of Illustration Styles in Web Design

Article by Awwwards Team in Design & Illustration - December 11

Illustration can turn an average website into something really unique, something which identifies and communicates the brand message, and something with the power to seduce us. This gallery of Illustration Websites displays a variety of illustrative styles, the likes of which we are seeing more and more on Awwwards.

When talking about illustration and web design, a term that immediately comes to mind is, our friend, "flat design". Yes, it's being done to death, but we still aren't tired of admitting that this isn't just a passing trend; flat design is playing a vital role in the responsive era. It reigns supreme across desktop and mobile design for it's tremendous interface versatility and it couldn't be easier to integrate into our responsive projects.

The bright future of SVG will no doubt trailblaze its way through webapps with flat design; so far we have seen it relegated to interface icon designs. All that's left is to hope and look forward to this style being applied in new and exciting ways.

Today we bring you not just flat colors, not just simple vector graphics, but also textured and 3D illustrations.

  • Une Cuisine Astucieuse

    Une Cuisine Astucieuse

  • Play Dot to Dot

    Play Dot to Dot

  • Babbit


  • Jobs at Octave & Octave

    Jobs at Octave & Octave

  • Neotokio


  • Kick My Habits

    Kick My Habits

  • Yep!


  • Zervice


  • Cube Slam

    Cube Slam

  • Robby Leonardi

    Robby Leonardi

  • The Interactive Ear

    The Interactive Ear

  • NASA: Prospect

    NASA: Prospect

  • Fixate


  • Every Last Drop

    Every Last Drop

  • Served


  • 100 McDonald’s Moments

    100 McDonald’s Moments

  • 100 Ans de tour

    100 Ans de tour

  • Super Sync Sports

    Super Sync Sports

  • Adcade


  • Alkopedia


  • The good man

    The good man

  • Super Spice Dash

    Super Spice Dash

  • What We Learned

    What We Learned

  • Summer the Stars

    Summer the Stars

  • Make Your Money Matter

    Make Your Money Matter

  • Intro Musique Émergente

    Intro Musique Émergente

  • InTacto Greeting Card

    InTacto Greeting Card

  • Polecat


  • Hverdagsreisen